Keeping You Connected For 15 Years And Running

Owned and Operated by Steve and Melody Clark, Grapevine Solutions provides a prospective and an understanding of wireless network projects that is very unique within the industry.  The management team at Grapevine Solutions has over 200 years’ combined experience in network operations and wireless network construction management.  Our team is comprised of wireless experts that have worked with and for major wireless carriers in the USA.

Consulting and Design
Network Construction
Network Operations and Maintenance

At Grapevine Solutions our goal is to deliver comprehensive, end to end solutions for companies providing telecommunications and wireless services. Grapevine Solutions offers a continually increasing range of services to address the needs of wireless telecommunications operators. We provide unique vision and insight when reviewing any existing or new wireless project. Our consulting, design, operations, construction, installation, repair and maintenance services are highly customized to meet your specific needs. Our years of in-house experience, and full range of services and capabilities make us uniquely qualified to handle all aspects of the most challenging projects. From project inception, through property acquisition, design and construction, and even beyond project completion and occupancy.

We provide a range of options to our clients, from turnkey of large community projects to smaller scale site development. Our expertise is based on decades of experience and our ongoing commitment to investing in the latest technology, equipment, and talented employees. Grapevine Solutions Networks is a full-service general contractor with expertise that spans the entire life-cycle of construction. We have the knowledge and the experience to customize a solution to meet the specific needs of your project. With the ability to perform site development services with our own crews provides an advantage to our clients because it gives us additional control over safety, quality and schedule.