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Consulting Services

Grapevine’s consulting team consists of C-Level executives that have held senior position at major wireless service providers thought-out USA. We provide the following services:
  • RFP Process
    • RFP Guidance and Evaluation
    • Vendor Selection
    • Negotiation Strategies
  • Logistics
    • Procurement Strategies
    • Warehousing Strategies


  • Technology evaluations
    • LTE
    • WiMax
  • Network Operation Centers
    • Site Selection
    • Policies and Procedures
  • Guidance to Local Goverment
    • FirstNet Strategies
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Grapevine Solutions provides a prospective and an understanding of wireless network projects that is very unique within the industry. The management team at Grapevine Solutions has over 100 years’ combined experience in network operations and wireless network construction management.